Experienced technologist and polyglot software engineer currently working at Co-op Digital, specialising in the engineering and architecture of modern digital services.

I have a wide range of public and private industry experience in travel, leisure, broadcast media, government, eCommerce, retail, co-operative and digital agencies.

I specialise in:

  • JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, CouchDB, REST, Sass, BEM, CI/CD, Jenkins, AWS, Docker, TDD/BDD & Cucumber
  • Designing and implementing strategies for application development, continuous integration, automated testing and cloud deployment
  • Architecting and building accessible and responsive digital experiences driven by analytics and data
  • Designing and developing scalable application architectures with agility built in
  • Building cultures of collaboration, autonomy and ownership within engineering teams to ship quality software faster
  • Legacy service transformation and decommissioning into modern digital solutions
  • New business and product development from MVP to maintainable software and enterprise architectures
  • Business transformation (re-branding, re-launching & process improvement)

Other skills and interests include agile, emerging software development techniques, client side frameworks, server side frameworks, relational/non-relational database systems, continuous integration/delivery, testing, version control & devops.